OnTrack – Your proven and trusted choice

You don’t just want a health retreat. You want a proven & trusted program that works? Right?
OnTrack delivers great results, obviously, but more than that – it helps you change your habits and your lifestyle. You learn to keep the weight off with new healthy habits, and a new healthy life.

Everyone is different, and individual results of course vary but having helped 100’s of people reach their goal here’s why you should choose OnTrack….

  • Proven Program, Maximum Results only OnTrack Retreats can offer you a proven program that has helped more Australians get such great results
  • Australia’s most comprehensive program – OnTrack is the only program that truly combines together all the areas necessary to deliver great results as well as habit changes and a new healthy life. Fitness training each day, great tasting healthy food and a full program of education and support to help you reach your goals
  • Staffed by real people -OnTrack is owned by people who have been obese or unfit themselves and know exactly what it feels like. We are not just a bunch of people with text books – but real people, with real experience who can understand exactly how you feel
  • Fitness training AT YOUR LEVEL – whether you consider yourself totally unfit or a regular gym junkie our trainers will work with you AT YOUR LEVEL to maximise your results and help you take yourself to a level you never thought possible
  • Education to help change your habits – not only will you train hard but you’ll receive Australia’s most comprehensive program of lifestyle education tackling subjects like emotional eating. However, unlike many retreats who extend such education over months and months you will get OnTrack’s market leading intensive sessions over the first 2 weeks of your program, so if you stay longer you can use the extra time to maximise your actual results
  • Great tasting food – our meal plan tastes great. No rabbit food here. Real meals for real people which can be easily replicated at home and built into your every day life
  • Expert Team –a 1st class team to help get you the best results and to support you towards your goals
  • Trusted Choice –clients trust OnTrack to get them the results they want. Read the reviews >>
  • Caring & Supportive staff –our team is there to support and encourage you at every step
  • Amazing Reviews – no other weight loss retreat gets such consistent and positive reviews from past guests
  • With you for the long term we are there to support you when you leave the program to help you stay on track

OnTrack can help you reach your goals so call us now on 1300 949 144