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Australia’s No. 1 Weight Loss, Fitness & Lifestyle Change Retreat.

Tried every diet, but nothing works? OnTrack’s proven weight loss & fitness retreat will transform your life.

Get healthy, drop fat, and change a lifetime of bad habits with Australia’s most popular specialist residential weight loss & fitness program at our retreats in at Sydney Central Coast in NSW, or Torquay in Victoria.

There are no gimmicks, fads or diets.

You will enjoy a proven program that’s designed to help achieve maximum results as well as help you make long term habit and lifestyle changes.

What you can expect at the retreat….

  • Maximum results and a program that helps you learn how to change your habits long term
  • A program suitable for adults of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness level
  • Full daily program of exercise sessions at YOUR fitness level
  • Healthy and nutritious meal plan you can easily replicate at home
  • A program designed for maximum results and to help you make lifestyle changes
  • Comfortable rooms with resorts in NSW and Victoria
  • Nutritional education workshops
  • Seminars to tackle emotional eating and food psychology
  • Practical cooking experience & lessons
  • Private weigh ins
  • Unlimited post program support

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Retreat Start Dates:

Stay 1 – 12 weeks at our NSW Central Coast or Victoria Retreat starting on

3 July 2017
10 July 2017
17 July 2017
24 July 2017
31 July 2017
7 August 2017
14 August 2017
21 August 2017
28 August 2017
4 September 2017
11 September 2017
18 September 2017

….or start any Monday in 2017.


For all shapes, sizes & fitness levels

Join like minded people who come to us for the same reason – to lose weight, get fit and change their life.

Whether you are 18 or 65, 75kgs or 200kgs, have health complications or not, you will take part in a program that is designed to help you achieve great results during your retreat as well as develop the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle when you leave.

The program will be at your level.

Your training sessions will be based on your fitness level – so whether you have never exercised in your life, are just getting back to it, or are a regular gym goer you will feel comfortable with exercise that’s the right level for you. So don’t worry – couch potato, unfit, or fit. Your program will be at your level.

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A daily program that’s right for you

Each day you will take part in a comprehensive program that covers exercise, healthy eating and education that’s designed to maximise your results and help change your habits so you can always lead a healthy lifestyle.

You will take part in 4-6 hours of exercise each weekday (at your level) and what you do and don’t participate in is up to you.

Add to that great tasting healthy meals, and a full program of success education workshops to help you change your life for the long term and its easy to see why OnTrack is Australia’s most popular residential program of weight loss, fitness and lifestyle change retreat. View a typical day here.

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Blue Mountains Health Retreat Small groups

Fun & Varied Exercise – At Your Level

Our training sessions are fun and varied with indoor and outdoor training, a wide mix of activities and a varied program. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself totally unhealthy and unfit or perhaps you have fitness already. It doesn’t matter – whatever your fitness level the training is designed to maximise YOUR results, whatever your fitness level. You will always be working at your level.

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Success Education Workshops

During your stay of 1 – 12 weeks at our weight loss retreat you will take part in a comprehensive program of education and success workshops designed to help you tackle subjects like nutrition, fitness, healthy living, healthy eating, emotional eating, life change, changing your habits and achieving your goals. Above all this workshop program is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to succeed over the long term and when combined with such a comprehensive program and post program support is just another reason that makes OnTrack the most popular choice.

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Central Coast Retreat

Locations in NSW, or Victoria

With OnTrack you can choose from our stunning resorts at Magenta on the Sydney Central Coast in NSW, and Torquay in Victoria.

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Great Tasting Healthy Food

Our clients are amazed just how great the food is! So many clients arrive expecting rabbit food, but instead they find a nutritionally balanced meal plan that is varied, tasty, and easy to recreate when they get home. As part of your workshop program you’ll also receive advice on nutrition, portion sizes, eating out, virtual shopping tours and will leave us confident of being in control of your food when you get home. In addition, at both retreats we offer cooking lessons and practical cooking experience too.

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Small Groups & Personalised Attention

You want a retreat that offers small groups! At some other retreats you will be one of up to 30 (even 50!) guests and there is no way you can get personalised attention and rapid results with such large groups. That’s why we have much smaller groups – typically 8 – 14 guests at each retreat, sometimes a few less, sometimes a little more – but ALWAYS small groups to maximise your experience. With such small and personal groups we can ensure you get the attention you need and the results you want.

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Time to Change

Post Program Support + Habit Change

As well as being designed for maximum results during a guests time with us, the entire program is designed to help clients develop the skills necessary to make long term changes to their habits and lifestyle. We don’t want you to leave us and put the weight back on again – its a waste of your money, and our time. That’s why you will take part in the full program of workshops designed to help you make habit changes so you can work hard to keep the weight off for the long term. What’s more we even provide you with ongoing support after you leave us so even if you do slip up, we are always there to help you. Another reason why OnTrack is Australia’s most popular choice.

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