Education for long term success 

When you listen to Tracey above you can tell she considers the seminars to have been a key part of her success. Of course, individual results do vary - but to succeed for the long term you want more than just healthy eating & exercise. 



Tracey knew that - and you do too.

OnTrack's program is designed to help you understand what you need to change to succeed over the long term and to help you make those changes. 

As part of your program we include a variety of workshops and seminars designed to help you make long term habit changes. They cover subjects like:

  • Learn to tackle emotional eating
  • Educate yourself about nutrition & portion sizes
  • Identify the best choices when eating out
  • Work on what triggers you to over eat
  • Tackle motivation, and kick start your life
  • Develop goals and a long term plan to succeed

Any retreat can provide you with 'diet and exercise' but if you want to go home confident of keeping the weight off then choose OnTrack where our complete program will help you reach your goals, and help you on the road to making changes to your habits and lifestyle. 

Seminars are optional, and if you prefer you can use the time to do extra gym work, have a rest, or perhaps enjoy a spa treatment at some locations. It's your choice - its your program.  

Seminars work on a 2 week cycle and then repeat. Don't worry if you only stay 1 week, all seminars stand alone and you will get everything you need to go onto succeed even in just 1 week. If you stay longer than 2 weeks you have the option to repeat the seminars which often really helps cement the issues into your mindset. Alternatively, you can use the time for extra gym work, rest, or however you wish.  


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