“Just do it! By far the most effective weight loss program I’ve ever done. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself!”


The decision to attend the Ontrack Weight Loss Retreat has been one of the best decisions I have made. I would liked to have stayed for 2 weeks but time didn’t allow. I am planning to return & complete my 2nd week in the near future.

Robert Miller

My week at Ontrack was a tonic for body and soul. An opportunity to focus on MY health and well-being without the usual distractions of home and family. I will be going back. It’s a game-changer.

Robbie Roberts

Ontrack has helped me get my life back on track. I have been over eating and sedentary for many years. In two weeks I have got back in touch with my body, my strength, my determination and my love of exercise and healthy food. I came home feeling very relaxed and alive. Huge thank you to the team and the other participants for all their support and encouragement.

Maria Bamford

My time at Ontrack was the most rewarding & challenging experience I have ever had. The main reason for my week away was to refocus on myself, learn new ideas about food, fitness & set new goals. The week far exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how much I was able to achieve & just what I was capable of achieving. The team were supportive & motivating. An awesome week. Would love to go back.

Suzanne Jolliffe

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I was definitely feeling off track and was needing some refocus in my life; OnTrack is the perfect program to get you thinking about your choices and for helping you to gain power over your life. Choose your track!

Rachel Velluto

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At the end of the week I felt fantastic. I had a huge week and at the end felt motivated to keep exercising and have a healthy diet. Thanks to the staff, they did a great job.

Rebecca Vercoe

If you start a diet every day of the week but lack the strength, know how, desire & commitment to continue working towards your healthy weight and fitness then try Ontrack, they’ll give you the boost you need & set you on the right path.

Jody Jobjson

Did 3 weeks and came away energized and confident. The best coaches and guidance for what I wanted to achieve, and the seminars were a chance to ask questions and participate with other like minded ‘newbies’.

Don Maclean

If you’re looking for something to break you away from those bad habits and set you up for successful sustainable change and a healthier you, look no further!

Alison Lander

If you really consider yourself important enough to take exceptional care of – come to Ontrack and commence your journey – you won’t be disappointed.

Glennis Willis-Gould

No matter what your fitness level, this program will see you to go home fitter & with the right tools to help you continue to lead a healthy life.

Irene Mackay

What an inspiring week, it really is the start of a new and healthy life style for me at 52 I now feel like I can do anything.

Sue Pooles

Incredible experience! The trainers totally engaged with us personally and made exercising enjoyable. I feel like I have kick started healthy living for the rest of my life. Thanks team!!

Kirsty Effiong

The retreat gave me the boost I needed to keep up my weight loss journey. Doing it with my partner brought us closer together. We will probably come back some time.

Tammy Bare

Just One week with OnTrack has left me re-energised and certain that I can follow through with everything I learnt and succeed in my goals – this is such a relief, after trying to control my weight for my entire life, I now feel relaxed and just know that I can do it! I wouldn’t hesitate to return, and would reccommend it as money very well invested in the rest of your life!

Ann Bingham

Taking the time out of a busy life to really focus on my health and well being was awesome and life changing. I thought I knew everything about diet and exercise but this experience grounded me in the practice of being healthy. I was surprised at what a difference such a short amount of time made. But even so I wanted to stay much longer – Thank you

Tessa Thompson

I attended an Ontrack weight loss retreat for one week. During this time I managed to make new friends and learn more about the person I am and who I want to be. Ontrack has given me back the confidence I need to move forward and change my life. Thanks to all the wonderful staff.

Lynette Voyce

This was a great inspirational program helping me to adjust my idea on eating & exercise. A change to work hard & take over the controls for better eating& fitness. I could not believe what I actually achieved & a week all about me was wonderful & the support we received was top class.

Sally Gillon

It brought me back on track, & it is like life, what you put in is what you get out! Amazing trainers, food and accommodation! I am so excited about exercise & losing the weight made me happy too.

Tara Walker

One week at Ontrack and I have come home feeling better mentally and physically than I have in years. It was a fantastic rewarding experience on so many levels, better than a holiday.

Ingrid Rawsthorn





There are lots of experiences I have found valuable, especially now I am back at home. One of the most valuable is how I am now creating a habit of mindfulness – checking my thoughts and making myself do things I need to do to achieve my goals.

Getting started with exercise is my biggest challenge. Once I start I really enjoy it but it is the starting. Checking my thoughts and rewarding my success has helped me exercise daily.

Ann Ryan


I enjoyed my stay at the retreat and discovered that I could indeed survive without chocolate for a whole week! The exercises were fun and achievable and the program gave me the kickstart I needed to get back into control for once and for all!

Gail from Victoria


Once I had made the financial commitment to attend OnTrack, my concern was not being able to keep up with the exercises etc. and not achieving my goals.

I am pleased to say that, not only did I achieve my goal of losing weight and, more importantly centimetres off my body, but I enjoyed the experience and came home determined to put into practice the things I had learned about nutrition; and to also implement my own exercise routine of 1 hour per day.

Being in a small group was great, the support we gave each other really helped, and the actual training sessions were well planned to provide variety, fun and a sense of achievement at the end of it.

The trainers do not make you do anything that you are not capable of doing, but they push you to the limit of what you can do, which is good. The food was delicious, not only well balanced nutritionally but tasted great. We did not live on lettuce leaves, but had salmon, steak and even a healthy pizza.

I would recommend OnTrack to anyone who was serious and in the right frame of mind to work at losing weight. There is no magic formula, but a sustainable approach to incorporating changes to your eating and exercise habits is started off at OnTrack. I stayed 2 weeks, but would really have liked another week to consolidate my knowledge and habits. OnTrack practises a sustainable lifestyle to lose weight and get fit, not a diet. First class program which I would recommend to anyone.

Christine Robbins


I signed up for 1 month with “On Track.” Best thing I have done for MYSELF.

I was so nervous but that quickly disappeared and turned to excitement when I started to realise my weight loss was possible and well on the way.

If you’re thinking about signing up you’re really onto a great thing.

Amy Johnston


OnTrack has helped me re-focus on my health and weight loss journey. It has motivated me to strive that little bit more to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

Elizabeth Assetta


We take away a lot of good information and a good basic understanding of how to keep up our good work. Thank you everyone!

Joy King


If you are looking for that extra boost or needing real help, OnTrack is for you. The team will make your time there fun and at the same time without you realising working hard to achieve your goals. The team really care about you and your why you, as an individual are there.

Veronique Taylor


This program can provide you with the tools to change how you choose to manage your life. It’s positive, informative and reaffirming. It’s not about withholding pleasure or inflicting pain; it’s about challenging yourself to incorporate activity and good nutritional choices into your daily lives. For me, it really does come down to balance and quality of life.

Anna Chen


I would definitely recommend OnTrack to anyone wanting to make a change for themselves! It’s appropriate for people of any age or ability; we had quite a varied group and I think this only benefited the group. The facilities are also FANTASTIC – exceeded my expectations! It was so nice to return to my room and relax after a day of working hard! What a great experience. If you’re even considering coming – just do it!

Giulia Portelli


What a great experience and I would recommend Ontrack to everyone who is thinking of starting on a weight loss and fitness journey for life.The compliments I’m getting from everyone proves their system works and is a no gimmick straight forward way to live in our world of excess and still loose weight using the tools they have shown us. Thank you Ontrack

Sheryl Stevenson


Great opportunity to kick start a new healthy life style. Fresh air, good trainers and good company.

Lisa Nicoll-Cooke


This week was exactly what I needed to give my fitness a boost. I had been exercising prior to going but this week has really made me focus and given me incentive to keep going and also to increase my effort. The information on diet and portion control was really helpful. Thank you to all at Ontrack it is a wonderful programme.

Margaret Keys


OnTrack was a great kick start to my weight loss. I learnt so much about food and exercise and now feel confident to undertake my weight loss goal, where as before I had no idea or confidence on where to start. I thought I knew what I was doing wrong but the retreat taught me a lot more.

Jane Sym


Ontrack has started the journey for me that I really needed but couldn’t seem to do for myself. It was a week away from the world where I could focus on myself and what I really needed and I see it as an investment in my future health. I loved the training and the trainers who showed me what I was actually capable of. I feel positive and now have the tools to acheive my goals at home. I also met some wonderful people from very different walks of life which was a real bonus.

Rhonda Bryce


The retreat for me did just that – got me back on track with my exercise and diet. I feel a month would have been more beneficial to me on the whole but I really did take it all on board and came home after two weeks very happy with enough knowledge to stay focused on the eating plan and exercises from my PT.

Alison Orr


I came to the retreat hoping to be motivated to get started back on track and I was not disappointed! Staff were inspiring, supportive and appropriately motivating. The fitness sessions were challenging and really got me pumped! Invigorating! And as an unexpected bonus, the food was delicious!

Kerry Sullivan


I took two weeks out of life and trained and pushed with some amazing people at the retreat. Yes it is about the food, the exercise and getting your head straight. The best part is sharing this journey with inspiring fellow retreaters, trainers with a passion for getting people moving and yourself!!!

Vicki Aloupis


I found the On Track experience to be a very valuable one. It helped me to reassess my approach to health and fitness and also to re evaluate my daily nutritional needs. All the staff were professional, and well informed with all aspects of a healthy weight loss programme and associated fitness outcome. I’ve returned home very excited to implement all that I learnt during my stay. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their well being.

Louise Hutchinson


Honestly the best 2 weeks experience I have had and wished that I had done it sooner. The venue was fantastic the people were awesome and there was nothing the trainers didn’t know when it comes to looking after your body with exercise. I can’t believe my own transformation in just 2 weeks and how awesome I feel. So addicted to feeling good now will never stop exercising again. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks guys you helped me get back on track again

Sue Burling


My Husband and I have never looked back since our week at Ontrack. We have lost more weight the 2nd week on our own and have continued our eating and exercise plan. I think this will stay with us forever, no more junk food only clean eating from here on. Thank you Ontrack team.

Vivien Compton


Motivational, challenging, a learning experience that combines fitness & weight loss as a package not just another diet.

Jenny Robinson


It is a great way to get a head start into your new healthy life

Amanda Powell


My time at On Track has really helped me get back into exercise. I learnt about food ingredients and reading food labels. The location is relaxing and the friendships you make helped me keep on track as we helped each other and really had fun.

Beth Stanley


One of the reasons I decided to attend this retreat is because it was something I really didn’t want to do. Therefore, conversely, that became an even greater imperative why I should do it. I was an office-chair potato. The OnTrack retreat truly was life changing. I’ve returned home after two weeks confident in my ability to take control of my health, fitness and eating. My focus has changed from food being a reward, comfort, distraction or whatever reason I previously may have over-indulged, to thinking of food, water and exercise as fuel – a powerful way to recharge my body’s energy, vibrancy and abundant good health. I feel fitter, stronger and leaner and am confident my fitness will go from strength to strength and weight loss will follow naturally in its wake. I didn’t enjoy exercise, but now I know I can do things I previously would not have attempted. I feel it’s entirely possible exercise will become an integral part of my day.

Deb Wall


With my two week stay at OnTrack I have realised that I have potential for a much healthier way of living than I realised. In this time my fitness increased, my willpower to control my unhealthy habits were curbed. The team at OnTrack were with me one step at a time to guide me through and offer support when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend OnTrack for anyone who needs a kick start to a healthier way of living.

Bronwyn Coates


I found Ontrack a great place to meet new people who also would like to lose weight and become fitter. The resort was amazing and the Ontrack Leaders were all very nice and encouraged everyone in what they wanted to achieve. I lost weight and become fitter and it made feel like a new person and I had so much energy when I got home. The cooking lessons were amazing and I never realised healthy food could be so tasty and fulfilling.

Janis Pisani

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