AUSTRALIA’S NO.1 Weight Loss Fat Camp

Permanently transform your body, develop new healthy habits (that stick), drop fat, shed kilos, and change your life. At OnTrack’s fat camp style residential weight loss programs, it’s all possible.

Learn why OnTrack is Australia’s most popular fat camp. Stay 1–12 weeks at our weight loss retreats in NSW, Sydney, Victoria, and Perth.

Australia loves OnTrack

Each year, hundreds of Australians from across the country come to OnTrack ‘fat farm’  to reach their goals. Our programs are unique: they’re comprehensive, help you focus on long-term change, and leave you with both a healthier lifestyle and a body you can be proud of.

We’re Australia’s most popular weight loss boot camp for a reason

Actually, make that eight reasons:

  • Fast results, with a focus on keeping the weight off permanently.
  • Fun fitness sessions at your level, based on your individual ability.
  • All shapes, sizes & fitness levels welcome! Our program works for anyone up to 200 kgs.
  • Professional chefs prepare irresistible, healthy meals for you every day.
  • Come home with new skills: enjoy practical cooking programs at our NSW retreat.
  • Attend free health seminars to help with subjects like emotional eating, nutrition, motivation, and more.
  • Complete health transformations for those with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Enjoy a massive selection of comfortable accommodation to suit all budgets.

Learn more about our fat camp program or call now to reserve your spot.

“I have been to a few different retreats but Ontrack is by far the most effective in terms of weight loss, inch loss, enjoyment and education. Before I went to Ontrack I was confused by all the conflicting information around diet and exercise but with their holistic approach to health, fitness and nutrition, Ontrack helped to clear the fog and give me a clear and structured plan to go forward to achieve my goals.”

Ros, OnTrack Guest

Australia’s most popular program

Our fat camps help 100’s of people every year achieve their goals. It is our comprehensive program that makes OnTrack the most popular residential weight loss program in Australia.


Most guests arrive at our fat camps throughout Australia afraid of the exercise. However, they soon realize that with our ‘at-your-level’ fitness sessions, the exercise is actually quite fun. Yes, we’ll push you. But never so hard that you feel miserable. All exercise starts at whatever level of fitness you’re currently at: there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Learn more about the kind of exercise we offer in our free brochure.



This isn’t one of those places that offers nothing but green juice and rabbit food. Here, you’ll eat real food that can easily be whipped together at home. That way, you’ll be able to continue to reach your weight loss goals long after you’ve left our fat camp. What’s more, some of our locations will show you exactly how to make these same healthy meals on your own. Learn more about our meals, including which locations offer cooking classes by clicking below.



What’s the point of shedding a few kilos just to have it all come back when you leave our program? With OnTrack fat camps, we help you build the habits, mindset, and lifestyle changes you need to continue your weight loss journey for the rest of your life. At our retreats, you’ll take part in a comprehensive program of educational seminars designed to help you tackle emotional eating, binge eating, motivation, nutrition, and more. According to our guests, it’s these free seminars that make all the difference. Click below to see what kind of topics we cover.


100’s of Real Life Australian Success Stories


At OnTrack, we’ve seen every single one of our guests (a full 100%) lose weight and make huge strides towards their personal fitness goals.
Bottom line: the program works.

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