Build a Body You Can be Proud of at our Health Retreats in NSW and Victoria, Australia

Whatever your shape, size or fitness level when you stay at any of our award-winning weight loss health retreats in Sydney, NSW or our Victoria Health Retreat in Torquay near Melbourne you will walk away completely transformed!Change your life now at Australia’s No.1 specialist weight loss & fitness Health Farm, where you will learn how to lead a healthy, happy life!

Today is the day. Your journey begins with a free call (below) to reserve your place at one our NSW health retreats near Sydney or Victoria health retreat in Torquay near Melbourne.


Australia’s No.1 Health Resort with locations in Sydney, NSW and near Melboure, Victoria

If you’re interested in results, you’ve come to the right place. At OnTrack, 100% of our guests leave our Australian health farms in better shape than when they arrived. Here, we’re not simply about “feeling” healthier. We help you make real, measurable progress towards your goals.

Our weight loss health spa retreats in Sydney, NSW and Torquay, Victoria, Australia show you the path to living a healthy, happy lifestyle that you truly enjoy. With OnTrack, you will not only experience a getaway at our weight loss health retreats, but you will learn skills and habits that will stick with you long after you’ve left. This includes nutrition advice, practical cooking experience, motivational techniques and workouts by certified health & fitness professionals.

Reserve a spot at one of our Australian health camps in Sydney, NSW or Torquay, Victoria by simply calling us today.

“I went to ONTRACK as a way of getting back my motivation for exercise having been very lazy for the past couple of years. The programme is not as daunting as it first seems as the staff really help to tailor every session to each individual’s level, yet still push you that little bit extra to make sure you achieve your potential. I’m still ONTRACK even back at home – the healthy eating is becoming more intuitive and I have enrolled at my local gym to keep my motivation up too!”

— Sue, OnTrack guest

NSW & VIC Health Retreats Designed for Maximum Results

You already know what you want to look like, how you want to feel, and how you want others to see you. Getting there is simply a matter of building the right habits, eating the right food, and getting the right balance of exercise and relaxation.

Join OnTrack at our Sydney, NSW or Torquay, Victoria health camps, and you’ll get instant access to:

  • A unique daily fitness program tailored to your level and goals.
  • Healthy, delicious meals that won’t leave you hungry.
  • Optional (and free!) educational seminars; learn more below.
  • Beautiful accommodation options to suit any budget.
  • Gym, pool, and onsite spa access.

Every element of OnTrack’s program has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to reach your goals. At our weight loss health farm, you’ll learn to build more than just your dream body— you’ll build healthy habits to keep you fit for life.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today, start any Monday, and stay with us at one of our health camps for anywhere between 1–12 weeks.


Advice From OnTrack Guests Who Have Experienced Our Health Spa Retreats 

Our award-winning weight loss health resort program has helped transform the lives of hundreds of Australians or all shapes, sizes & fitness levels. By educating our guests on exercise and nutrition that is realistic and sustainable, they are able to implement these changes long after they leave our health farm.

“My only regret is I didn’t do this 12 months ago. If you get the opportunity [to come to OnTrack] do it.”

“Work as hard at this as you would your regular job”

“Be brave. Take the plunge”

Questions? Get the answers you need before you book your stay at one of our health camps. Request more information below, send us a message, or call anytime…


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Start Living Your Best Life with Our NSW & Victorian Health Spa Retreats  

Simple. Powerful. Permanent.

We’ve spent years perfecting the ultimate health resort program.

OnTrack works by focusing on three key elements of your transformation:

  1. Exercise Work out at your level.
  2. Nutrition Eat delicious, healthy meals.
  3. Education Build a healthier mindset.

By focusing on these elements, OnTrack provides permanent lifestyle change, NOT a quick-fix weight cut or short term diet. Our health retreats in Sydney, NSW and our Victoria health retreat in Australia offer professional, realistic health tips that you can implement in your daily life.

Keep reading to learn how each area of our health camps has been carefully designed to help you build a better body, lifestyle, and mindset.

#1 Exercise at your level

“I’m discovering my limits”

When you first arrive at our Victoria or NSW health retreats, we’ll help you make an accurate self-assessment of your current fitness level. From there, you’ll take part in daily exercise delivered at your level.

By pushing you to your limit—but never too far—your body is able to quickly adjust to the new demand. In response, you’ll begin burning fat, shedding kilos, and dropping centimetres. At our Australian health spa retreats we specialise in weight loss & fitness with exercises are all delivered in small groups; meaning you’ll receive personal attention from our fitness coaches every day.

Learn more about the program at our health resorts in NSW and Victoria, Australia in our free info brochure:

#2 Delicious meals, NOT rabbit food

“It’s really healthy and delicious food”

Fact: diets don’t work. Why not? Well, the whole idea of a diet is that you’ll temporarily change the way you eat, lose weight, and then return to your regular routines.

This is a dangerous way to look at nutrition.

At OnTrack health camps, we don’t do diets. Instead, we’ll help you permanently change the way you eat. Each day, you’ll enjoy three delicious (yet healthy) meals that you can prepare at home after you’ve completed the program. At some of our health farm locations, you’ll even be taught how to prepare these meals yourself, during complementary educational seminars.

Learn what you’ll be eating by requesting a free brochure:


#3 Build a healthier mindset

“Before I came I was an extremely anxious person.”

If you aren’t interested in permanent, lifelong change then OnTrack’s health camps probably aren’t for you. Join us only if you want to see massive results and keep the weight off for good.

The professionals at our health farms in Sydney, NSW and Victoria make that a reality by offering complementary educational seminars on topics like:

  • Avoiding binge eating;
  • Nutrition: the science behind what you eat and why;
  • What causes emotional eating;
  • How to rewire destructive habits; and
  • Setting realistic goals (and accomplishing them!)

In addition to these free informational sessions, we also offer unlimited post-program support. Once you’ve been to an OnTrack health retreat, you’re never alone. Our coaches are always available to support you throughout your weight-loss journey.

See the full program of educational seminars in our free e-brochure:


Stunning Health Spa Retreats in NSW (near Sydney) or Victoria (in Torquay near Melbourne)

After spending the day improving your body and mind at one of our health camps, you’ll need a place to relax and prepare for the next day. To help eliminate distractions and get you on the road to results, we’ve selected a couple of breathtaking resorts for you to begin your transformation from.

The OnTrack Difference

It’s easy to do a quick Google search and find dozens of “relaxing” health spa retreats. The kind of place that offers a week of massages, spa treatments, and the occasional ‘green juice detox’ to give you the feeling of fitness.

That’s not us.

OnTrack’s health retreats are specialist weight loss, fitness & lifestyle change programs that get results.

OnTrack guests aren’t interested in an illusion of healthiness… they want results. And, due to the unique program design of our health farms, 100% of our guests have left their OnTrack health retreat with fewer kilos, less centimetres, and more energy than when they arrived. Basically, the program works.

Experience the OnTrack difference for yourself.

Click below to reserve your spot at one of our Victoria or NSW health retreats today.


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