A program at OnTrack can offer you the chance to truly transform your body. But, it is a big investment – so we want to help make your dreams a reality.
To make it easier for everyone to access our life changing retreats we offer 2 different payment plan options.
Explore them below…

Option 1

Get a payment plan from MacCredit

Specifically designed by specialists in payment plans for medical and health treatments our friends at MacCredit can help you make your OnTrack life changing retreat a reality with:

  • Payment plans up to $70,000 to cover your retreat
  • Plans of up to 84 months to suit every budget
  • No stress – the whole process is managed by the MacCredit consultants
  • Peace of mind with no upfront fees
  • Fast, efficient approvals.

It’s easy to apply with MacCredit – here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Contact OnTrack

Call 1300 949 144 and get a quote for your preferred dates & location or
contact us online

STEP 2: Apply with MacCredit

Apply online here >> or call MacCredit with your quote on 1300 884 355 

Option 2

Lay-By Style Payment Plans

In addition to the MacCredit service above, you can also use a ‘lay by’ style payment plan. You simply select a date in the future (or book a ‘date to be agreed’ retreat) and pay a initial 20% deposit. You can then pay off the amount weekly or monthly and just need to make sure you’ve paid before you arrive.

Call 1300 949 144 for more information or enquire using the form below…

Call our expert team now on 1300 949 144 or..


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