Reward yourself

Untitled design (30)Have you been hitting your goals, eating healthy, and regularly exercising, and are looking for a way to reward yourself?

Maybe you are finding that you are struggling to achieve your goals, and need a little more incentive to get to where you want to be.

Here are our Top 10 Rewards that have nothing to do with food, that you can use to boost your motivation!

1: Have a worry free day

Binge watch your favourite series, spend all day in bed, give yourself permission to do nothing.

2: Go see a movie

Escape reality for a while, be entertained with friends or make it a date night!

3: Get pampered

From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, there’s a beauty treatment out there for you. Whether its a new haircut, a spa pedi, or a facial, spoiling yourself just makes you feel good.

4: Read a book

Curl up for a morning with an old favourite, or get lost in another world with a new story. We often don’t take uninterrupted time for ourselves, and a book is a lovely way to escape.

5: Get a massage

When you have been exercising and feeling a little (or a lot) of muscle soreness as you recover, a massage can make you feel like a new person.

6: Treat yourself to a night away

When you’ve hit a big goal, taking a mini trip away, or even just having an overnight stay in your own town, is a lovely way to reward yourself for all your hard work.

7: Go shopping

A flattering new outfit can really make you feel great about dropping a dress size, or if you’re finding it a little tricky to motivate yourself, some new workout gear can help give you a nudge.

8: Paint your nails

A simple splash of colour and 5 minutes of doing a little thing for yourself can put a little smile on your face.

9: Pick a fun activity

Bowling, dancing, laser tag, go carting… whatever appeals to you!

10: Tools that help you reach goals

A fitness tracker, a swiss ball, running shoes, exercise DVD, healthy cooking classes, air fryer, food processor etc. Reward yourself with things that make being healthy easier!