Christine Robbins

Once I had made the financial commitment to attend OnTrack, my concern was not being able to keep up with the exercises etc. and not achieving my goals.

I am pleased to say that, not only did I achieve my goal of losing weight and, more importantly centimetres off my body, but I enjoyed the experience and came home determined to put into practice the things I had learned about nutrition; and to also implement my own exercise routine of 1 hour per day.

Being in a small group was great, the support we gave each other really helped, and the actual training sessions were well planned to provide variety, fun and a sense of achievement at the end of it.

The trainers do not make you do anything that you are not capable of doing, but they push you to the limit of what you can do, which is good. The food was delicious, not only well balanced nutritionally but tasted great. We did not live on lettuce leaves, but had salmon, steak and even a healthy pizza.

I would recommend OnTrack to anyone who was serious and in the right frame of mind to work at losing weight. There is no magic formula, but a sustainable approach to incorporating changes to your eating and exercise habits is started off at OnTrack. I stayed 2 weeks, but would really have liked another week to consolidate my knowledge and habits. OnTrack practises a sustainable lifestyle to lose weight and get fit, not a diet. First class program which I would recommend to anyone.