I absolutely loved my week at the camp. The staff were extremely supportive and encouraging. There was a variety of different training sessions which provided me the opportunity to try some different training styles. As I also took my Mum along with me she could not do all the same training. The team highlighted what they thought she could do and then would assist her finding the right exercise for her when she couldn’t do the same as everyone else. The facilities at Narrabeen were also fantastic and it was great to be directly across the road from the beach and ocean baths for a wind down and relax after training.

Overall it was a challenging week but its all about what you put in. We had aching tired bodies, but the staff are very encouraging which pushed me to put my best efforts in and get great results. I lost weight in the week I was there and learnt some really useful things about food and exercise as well as making some great friends out of it. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a true kick start and willing to put the effort in. It is hard but all worth it.