Pam Haskins

I am so glad I chose to attend Ontrack. I had the chance to stay for 6 weeks which was really daunting in the beginning cause it was really overwhelming to begin with and I worried ‘what had I got myself into’.

The first couple of days I will be honest were very challenging just trying to adjust being so far away from home and in an environment I wasn’t use to, eating differently etc… BUT after a few days I really was glad to be there and really started to feel great. Everyone was so wonderful, approachable and friendly. I met so many great people and you have an instant bond as you’re all their for the same reason, feeling exactly the same way.

The exersising, although challenging and exhausting at times was really enjoyable and the wonderful trainers only asked for me to do as much as I was capable to do. And you know I was so much more capable than I gave myself credit for. I enjoyed watching myself improve and become stronger and the positive reinforcement from the trainers.

Our surroundings were absolutely breathtaking and the accommodation was very comfortable.

I will miss being at Ontrack and already miss everyone there. I wish to thank them so much for everything and the wonderful experience I had!! If you are wondering if you should go, then wonder no more and book!!!!!!!!! I would go back and hope to in the future!!!!