Enjoy fun workouts at YOUR fitness level

But you want the workouts to be fun and be suitable for YOUR fitness level. Yes?

Here at OnTrack we’re not like those other weight loss retreats or TV shows that make you roll tyres around in the mud, or have personal trainers reducing you to tears. It doesn’t work.

  • Enjoy a full daily program of varied fitness classes each day at YOUR fitness level.
  • Trainers that will challenge you to take things to a new level – but in a supportive way.
  • A fitness program you are comfortable with, that gets results at your fitness level whether you are a total beginner, or someone who already trains hard.
  • Learn about fitness and your goals so you can go home feeling confident of keeping the weight off.
  • Get the best advice with expert and supportive trainers by your side. Enjoy hours of varied fitness classes each day at YOUR fitness level.
  • Benefit from small groups and personalised attention.


Results focused training

You also want results. Right?

At OnTrack the fitness program isn’t designed based on a gimmick, or TV show. It’s based on what works, and what gets results.

You will love the fitness classes – but you’ll love the transformation in your body even more.

Are you unfit or new to fitness & exercise?

Do you consider yourself unfit? Or, perhaps have some previous injuries or restrictions?

Don’t worry. Here at OnTrack we welcome many guests just like you. Our program is suitable for all fitness levels.

Our expert & supportive trainers will be there to support, guide and motivate you at every step of the way.

Got questions? Call our expert team  now on 1300 949 144 or…

Call our expert team now on 1300 949 144 or..


We’ll send you an e-brochure right now by email and also send you future OnTrack Retreat deals. If you’d prefer not to receive these deals please mention in your enquiry, or click unsubscribe on the first email you receive from us. Phone calls may be recorded for training.

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