Yoga | Body + Mind + Weight Loss

yoga for all shapes and sizes

Yoga is a wonderfully gentle and simple form of exercise that is a fantastic entry point into working out for those who have been living a more or less sedentary lifestyle. It could be due to working long hours, finding it hard to carve out some “me time, in between family commitments,” or that you just haven’t been in the mood to get moving lately.

Whatever your reasons, if you are looking to lose weight, get fit, and tone up, yoga is a great addition to your healthy eating plans. Here’s why we love yoga for weight loss.

It’s low impact

Unlike boot camp style workouts, cross fit, jogging, or skipping, yoga is gentle on the joints. You complete slow, fluid, and controlled movements rather than creating sudden jarring motions that cause more intense pressure on joints. This can make yoga a possibility for those suffering from joint pain, or hoping to prevent it.

It’s a stress reliever

Yoga has been shown to offer relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. It promotes mindfulness, and deep breathing, both of which help to lower circulation stress hormones. Why is this important for weight loss?

Many of our reasons for giving in to cravings, or deviating from our healthy eating plans can be attributed to our emotions.  Using food as a distraction, eating out of boredom, because we had a bad day, we are stressed from the demands of family or work.

The less anxious, worried, stressed, or down we feel, the better our decision making and energy levels. We make more positive choices, and less impulsive ones designed to get us out of our temporary mood slump.

It improves posture and core strength

The better our posture, the less back, neck, shoulder, and even knee pain we experience. Strengthening our core muscles is vital to this, as these are the muscles which support our spine. Having a good balance of strength between muscle groups helps keep your spine aligned correctly.

How does this affect weight? Being able to experience low or no pain movement is important in being able to maintain regular physical activity levels once you have reached your goal weight. Studies have found that this is an important ingredient in the success formula for weight maintenance.

It’s perfect for beginners

If an aerobics class has ever left you feel confused, uncoordinated, or overwhelmed you’ll find yoga is much easier to get the hang of. You can choose beginners exercises, and take your time getting into the right position with the right technique. You’ll enjoy the slow and relaxed pace, but rest assured, by the end you’ll find you have muscles you didn’t know existed!