You are not a robot!

Untitled design (46)How many times have you been told that you need to count calories, exercise every day, never eat junk food or takeaway, avoid caffeine, and show willpower of steel in your goals to lose weight?

You are not a robot! Humans are very complex, and affected by so many things such as their environment, people around them, social pressures, physical factors like cravings and fatigue, and emotional factors like stress and anxiety.

It’s completely unrealistic to expect you to follow some perfect plan and never be affected by anything and deviate from it.

What’s more, the best way to lose weight is not to try to lose weight.

Wait. What?

Change your perspective

Research has shown over and over that fixating on being unhappy with your body, checking the scales constantly to check on progress, counting calories, following super strict meal plans, and depriving yourself all reduce your chances of being able to lose weight for the long term, or keeping it off.

Instead, it turns out that shifting your focus away from what you are unhappy with- your weight, how you look, how unmotivated you are, feeling like a failure over past diets that didn’t work for you- and instead shifting to positive thoughts has a much better success rate for making lasting changes.

Lets work with some real examples…

Changing to helpful mindset strategies


Instead of – “I can’t have fruit juice, it has too much sugar and I’m not allowed sugar.”

Change to – “I am going to choose whole fruit instead of fruit juice, as it will fill me up more and is more nutritious. “


Instead of – “I should be exercising for an hour every day”

Change to – “Parking 15 mins away from work and walking in lets me clear my head before I get there, and helps me think better once I’m there, and is a great de-stresser when I leave”


Instead of – “I look so fat in everything I own, there’s no point buying new clothes until I lose weight”

Change to – “I’m going to choose well fitting clothes that I feel most confident in, because when I feel good about myself, I am in the headspace to make healthier choices.”


Instead of – “I have to track every food I eat and count calories, that’s the only way to lose weight.”

Change to – “I’ve been doing so well substituting unhealthy foods that drain my energy for healthy whole foods like fruit and vegetables that improve my energy, I’m feeling better every day!”


Instead of – “I hate exercising, but I have to do it if I want to lose weight”

Change to – “I don’t enjoy circuit training, but I really love walking in the mornings while everyone else is still in bed, it’s so peaceful and makes me feel happier for the rest of the day”

Positive, healthy, and still not losing weight?

You might need a little bit more education in making healthy lifestyle changes. Some foods that you think are healthy should only be enjoyed in moderation, and others you should be eating a lot more of! It’s about getting the balance right.

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