A typical day at the Kick Start Fitness Bootcamp

  • Up to 7 hours of training per day (plus ability to train more if you want)
  • 3 main meals and 2 snacks each day
  • Fun & varied training to keep it interesting
  • Results driven program to maximise results
  • Wide range of facilities at your disposal
  • Access to your own fitness coach to personalise your goals
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Each day at the Kick Start fitness bootcamp is different and we promise you will never get bored.

The program runs Monday – Saturday each week with Sunday a rest day for guests staying multiple weeks (although you are welcome to use the gym on your rest day).

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We vary our program on a regular basis to keep things interesting but here is an example timetable of a typical day at the fitness bootcamp. This program does change based on location and facilities but this will give you an idea of what to expect. Some sessions or days may be shorter or longer than stated and we reserve the right to change this schedule at our discretion. This is an example only, and does not necessarily reflect each and every day as we change the program to suit our clients and the time of year.

Optional Early Morning Walk/Run/Gym Session/Swim/Personal Training session


Morning Training Session
A fun morning training session with our expert trainers in our indoor training area, the gym or in the stunning surroundings of our retreats. A variety of different training types and sessions will take place within the morning session. This could be circuits on the beach, boxing or even a body blast session to get you going.

Morning Snack

Training or optional seminars
An additional training session or some days we may have some optional sessions available on subjects like nutrition, motivating yourself, or similar seminars to help motivate and inspire you. These seminars are optional and you can train during them if you wish.


Afternoon Training Session
Each afternoon you will exercise for a number of hours depending on the day. The activities vary each day but can include:

  • Cardio Boxing
  • Pool Sessions An enjoyable session in our heated pool where you’ll exercise, stretch and have some fun
  • Walks / Runs These are some of the most popular parts of the programs with runs or walks (to your fitness level) through the stunning surroundings around our retreat
  • Exercise Sessions We also make the most of our first class facilities with exercise sessions in our studio areas, gym, or outdoors. Our trainers keep every session fun and interesting – and you will enjoy every session.

Rest time or even more activity!
Take time to relax, go for a swim, train some more in the gym or take advantage of the many spa treatments available in the onsite treatment spa


Optional Evening Training/Yoga/Rest
Optional evening training or other sessions like yoga are offered on certain week nights or you can use the gym yourself, or perhaps just relax in your room. The choice is yours!