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Everyone is different, and individual results vary but with such a proven and trusted program you can be assured of a retreat that helps you succeed.o.

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“The best weight loss experience of my life”

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“2 weeks at the OnTrack Retreat was amazing”

“I made the best decision coming to OnTrack”

“You have helped me turn my life around

Magnificent resort”

“Fantastic Retreat”

“Fantastic week, great staff

“Like leaving family behind”

“My colleagues commented how much better I look

“I feel more confident, fitter and better every day

“The best and healthiest weight loss program”

Transformed my life inside out”

“Just what I needed to get myself kick started

“The kick start I so badly needed to turn my life around

“Thank you for giving me my life back

“Wonderful location, comprehensive program, great food

“Professional coaching and sound advice

“Happily recommend OnTrack to anyone”

Small groups and individualised attention”

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“I enjoyed my stay at the retreat and discovered that I could indeed survive without chocolate for a whole week! The exercises were fun and achievable and the program gave me the kickstart I needed to get back into control for once and for all!”

Gail from Victoria

“There are lots of experiences I have found valuable, especially now I am back at home. One of the most valuable is how I am now creating a habit of mindfulness – checking my thoughts and making myself do things I need to do to achieve my goals.

Getting started with exercise is my biggest challenge. Once I start I really enjoy it but it is the starting. Checking my thoughts and rewarding my success has helped me exercise daily.”

Ann Ryan

Once I had made the financial committment to attend Ontrack, my concern was not being able to keep up with the exercises etc. and not achieving my goals.

I am pleased to say that, not only did I achieve my goal of losing weight and, more importantly centimetres off my body, but I enjoyed the experience and came home determined to put into practice the things I had learned about nutrition; and to also implement my own exercise routine of 1 hour per day.

Being in a small group was great, the support we gave each other really helped, and the actual training sessions were well planned to provide variety, fun and a sense of achievement at the end of it.

The trainers do not make you do anything that you are not capable of doing, but they push you to the limit of what you can do, which is good. The food was delicious, not only well balanced nutritionally but tasted great. We did not live on lettuce leaves, but had salmon, steak and even a healthy pizza.

I would recommend Ontrack to anyone who was serious and in the right frame of mind to work at losing weight. There is no magic formula, but a sustainable approach to incorporating changes to your eating and exercise habits is started off at OnTrack. I stayed 2 weeks, but would really have liked another week to consolidate my knowledge and habits. OnTrack practises a sustainable lifestyle to lose weight and get fit, not a diet. First class program which I would recommend to anyone.”

Christine Robbins

“I signed up for 1 month with “On Track.” Best thing I have done for MYSELF.

I was so nervous but that quickly disappeared and turned to excitement when I started to realise my weight loss was possible and well on the way.

If you’re thinking about signing up you’re really onto a great thing.”

Amy Johnston

“OnTrack was a fantastic experience for me! The trainers, the food, the resort was simply inspirational. If you prepare a little beforehand, you can achieve amazing results. Keeping an open mind and a positive outlook will ensure you have the best time of your life!

Honestly, I cannot fault anything, and can only thank the wonderful staff, trainers, and all the support people for helping me to kickstart my healthy lifestyle. Thank YOU OnTrack!”


“I am so glad I chose to attend Ontrack. I had the chance to stay for 6 weeks which was really daunting in the beginning cause it was really overwhelming to begin with and I worried ‘what had I got myself into’.

The first couple of days I will be honest were very challenging just trying to adjust being so far away from home and in an environment I wasn’t use to, eating differently etc… BUT after a few days I really was glad to be there and really started to feel great. Everyone was so wonderful, approachable and friendly. I met so many great people and you have an instant bond as you’re all their for the same reason, feeling exactly the same way.

The exersising, although challenging and exhausting at times was really enjoyable and the wonderful trainers only asked for me to do as much as I was capable to do. And you know I was so much more capable than I gave myself credit for. I enjoyed watching myself improve and become stronger and the positive reinforcement from the trainers.

Our surroundings were absolutely breathtaking and the accommodation was very comfortable.

I will miss being at Ontrack and already miss everyone there. I wish to thank them so much for everything and the wonderful experience I had!! If you are wondering if you should go, then wonder no more and book!!!!!!!!! I would go back and hope to in the future!!!!”

Pam Haskins

“I can recommend On Track to everybody. I had reservations about starting the program, I could hardly breathe with chronic asthma, lung problems and being very overweight, but two weeks later, I have a new lease of life.

The staff are very supportive and friendly, the food delicious, my room was very comfortable, and I felt part of a great team.”

Helen Burke

“OnTrack has helped me re-focus on my health and weight loss journey. It has motivated me to strive that little bit more to achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

Elizabeth Assetta

“My week at OnTrack was a tonic for body and soul. An opportunity to focus on MY health and well-being without the usual distractions of home and family. I will be going back. Its a game-changer.”

Robbie Roberts

“Before going to OnTrack, I felt lost and depressed. After completing 2 weeks at the retreat I have been transformed. I lost weight and centimetres. The location and staff are amazing. If you are hesitating about making a decision – take my advice, take the step toward getting your life back OnTrack….you will not regret it!! ”

Wendy Hall

“Attending this program was a great decision. The trainers were very encouraging and brought the best out of me in the nicest way. The program met my physical and spiritual health requirements in a beautiful environment. I hope I can attend again. Thank you to all. ”


“One week at on track and I have come home feeling better mentally and physically than I have in years. It was a fantastic rewarding experience on so many levels, better than a holiday.”

Ingrid Rawsthorn

“If you start a diet every day of the week but lack the strength, know how, desire and commitment to continue working towards your healthy weight and fitness then try on track, they’ll give you the boost you need and set you on the right path.”


“We take away a lot of good information and a good basic understanding of how to keep up our good work. Thank you everyone!”

Joy King

“I came to On Track, having never heard of it, by searching on line for a “Health Retreat” that was not about lying beside a pool and getting massages.

I wanted an experience that challenged my body and my mind and helped me to hit the “reset” button after a mentally challenging and physically draining year. I had always been quite sporting but this had gradually fallen away over the past couple of years through work and health issues, adversely affecting my weight and my stress levels.

The group and individual activities, the supportive and encouraging ON TRACK team members, the other participants and the beach setting all combined to make a very worthwhile, fulfilling and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get back “On Track””.

Lynn Wolfe’s

“Did 3 weeks at Central Coast and came away energized and confident. The best coaches and guidance for what I wanted to achieve, and the seminars were a chance to ask questions and participate with other like minded ‘newbys’.”

Don Maclean

“I have tried diets, joined gyms and had plenty of personal training, but nothing compares to the On Track Program.
I am feeling like a new person and ready to take on 2013. I found the On Track Program helped me mentally and physically I am now well trained to move forward with a much healthier life style.”

Leesa Kelly

“Excellent opportunity for re-motivating yourself to do the best in terms of your health and fitness.”

Vera Ray

“OnTrack was exactly what I needed to kick start my weight loss and healthy living routine. It taught me a lot about healthy living and how to apply what I learnt into my every day life. A fantastic experience I would recommend to anyone seeking assistance in a lifestyle change. ”

Alana Ganci

“The On Track program was a terrific way to restart my physical exercise program while at the same time letting me rethink diet & food choice. Challenging & enjoyable”

Tina Knight

“Really good experience, helped me gain confidence within myself and I felt great afterwards”

Marianne Stevens

“No matter what your fitness level, this program will see you to go home fitter and with the right tools to help you continue to lead a healthy life.”

Irene Mackay

“My time was the most rewarding and challenging experience I have ever had. The main reason for my week away was to refocus on myself, learn new ideas about food and fitness and set new goals. The week far exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how much I was able to achieve and just what I was capable of achieving. The team were supportive and motivating. An awesome week. Would love to go back”


“I absolutely loved my week at the camp. The staff were extremely supportive and encouraging. There was a variety of different training sessions which provided me the opportunity to try some different training styles. As I also took my Mum along with me she could not do all the same training. The team highlighted what they thought she could do and then would assist her finding the right exercise for her when she couldn’t do the same as everyone else. The facilities at Narrabeen were also fantastic and it was great to be directly across the road from the beach and ocean baths for a wind down and relax after training.
Overall it was a challenging week but its all about what you put in. We had aching tired bodies, but the staff are very encouraging which pushed me to put my best efforts in and get great results. I lost weight in the week I was there and learnt some really useful things about food and exercise as well as making some great friends out of it. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a true kick start and willing to put the effort in. It is hard but all worth it. ”


“I can highly recommend this program for anyone trying to get above the hype of what they can or cannot do to achieve their goal of being as fit as possible, regardless of age. The program, accommodation, food and trainers has worked for me. Absolutely no regrets, money well spent.”


“The decision to attend the OnTrack weight loss retreat has been one of the best decisions I have made. I would have liked to have stayed for 2 weeks but time didn’t allow, but I am planning to return and complete my second week in the near future.”

Robert Miller

These testimonials are a selection from the 100’s of people OnTrack Retreats has helped. Individual results do vary – but if you put in the hard work and follow the program you could be our next success story.  Everyone is an individual and individual results may vary. The views expressed above are personal views expressed by individuals who have completed the OnTrack program and your views, experience and results may vary.